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Mini Self Storage Sizing Chart

Andover Mini Self Storage Sizing ChartJust about any household could use a little more valuable storage space. Some folks use their basements, attics, and sheds for storage but after a while items in those areas get damaged from moisture, dampness, or heat exposure. Self-storage units are an affordable way to store your overflow of items close to your home. If you live near the Andover, MN area you’re in luck because you can safely store your goods at ABC storage.

Security against theft is one of our main goals, and we keep a secure watch on our units with 24 hour security cameras to give our customers peace of mind against theft, fire, and other damages. Luckily, Andover is a great community with low crime rates but it never hurts to have an extra line of defense.

All of our units are extremely easy to access, and you will be able to gain entrance to your unit when you desire. Several different sizes of self-storage are available to fit your individual needs. You will have the only key to your unit, and the only person in charge of who gains entrance to your belongings.

That extra bedroom is more valuable as a bedroom than a storage space for your stuff. Store your goods at our modern facility in Andover with peace of mind that your property is safe and secure.
Large Units Available!