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Contact UsSometimes an expanding family don’t always have an option to go out and buy a bigger home. The average cost of an extra bedroom is between 39 and 45 thousand in most cities. If that extra room was only for storage space then you have options. You can store you goods you collect along the journey of life safely in a self-storage unit at reasonable rates without having to buy a bigger home.

The great city of Andover, MN is a great place to raise a family with great schools, tons of recreation, and a growing population. From swimming to skiing on over 400 acres of recreational land, Andover is full of excitement and opportunity. For good reason, many have decided to raise their family in Anoka County for over a century.

We gather things that are important to us throughout the years that may not have a ton of actual value, but to us it’s priceless. These heirloom items and keepsakes are important as they represent part of us and what we’ve accomplished in our life and enjoyed about our living them. Keeping these items safe can be more important to us than others might think.

At ABC Mini Storage our modern storage facility will keep your goods as if they were at your own home – safe, secure, and dry. You can keep them conveniently out of your living space, but know they will be there when you want them. Our units will keep your goods protected from environmental threats as well as security threats in a space that only you can access.

We assure peace of mind that your stored goods are well protected in modern self storage units that are capable of withstanding the vast array of weather Minnesota brings. Contact ABC Mini Storage to get information about your perfect storage space today.